Educational Platforms

At Rokinso, we develop educational platforms to be creative, effective, and to assist educational institutions, teachers, and trainers in achieving excellence. Whether you aim to provide education for a few students or for an entire community, we are here to support you in achieving your educational and academic goals.

We fully understand that the effectiveness of educational platforms is not limited solely to their advanced technologies but also encompasses their ability to provide a comprehensive and flexible learning experience that meets the needs of both teachers, trainers, and students. We are committed to building educational platforms that combine quality, accessibility, and flexibility while maintaining the values and core objectives of your educational institution.


Features of our educational platforms

Responsive Design

Our platforms are designed to be compatible with all devices, providing an ideal learning experience whether through desktop computers or mobile devices, ensuring easy and flexible access to educational materials anytime, anywhere.

Customized Learning Experience

We aim to provide a unique and tailored learning experience by offering tools and features that allow customization of educational content to meet the different needs and learning styles of students.

High Interactivity

By using the latest technologies, we offer interactive educational platforms that encourage engagement and interaction between students and teachers, providing features such as live lessons, recorded lessons, and quizzes.

Content and Course Management

Our advanced content management systems allow easy creation and updating of the educational content, course management, and tracking student progress, helping to provide high-quality education.

Online Payment

We integrate advanced and secure electronic payment gateways into our educational platforms, making it easy and safe for students and teachers to purchase courses, e-books, or register for educational events. We strive to provide a wide range of payment options to meet the needs of users worldwide, while ensuring the highest levels of security and privacy for payment data.

Continuous Technical Support

We offer continuous technical support to ensure the smooth and efficient operation of your educational platform. Our support team is always ready to assist in resolving any issues you may encounter, ensuring a stable and obstacle-free learning experience for both teachers and students.

Information Security and Protection

We attach utmost importance to the security and protection of data in our educational platforms, providing the latest technologies to safeguard the information of educational institutions and students. We ensure a secure learning environment that maintains the privacy and confidentiality of information.

Advanced Analytics and Reporting

We provide advanced analytics and reporting tools that enable educational institutions to accurately assess student performance and courses. These insights help in making informed decisions to improve the educational process and enhance academic achievement.

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